Pommes 1

À la Croisée des Pommes

90, rue Lacroix, Saint-Joseph-du-Lac, QC J0N 1M0
450 623-8621
Web http://www.alacroiseedespommes.com

Verger À La Croisée des Pommes is a 100% organic, true Quebec certified orchard located in the heart of the village of St-Joseph-du-Lac. Natural production goes far beyond choosing not to use pesticide-based products, it is environmentally friendly and designed to optimize ecosystem health while being respectful of the diverse communities.

Open for 20 years now, the site offers dynamic and safe installations ensuring a unique experience. You will also find on the site playground, picnic area, farmhouse, pastry shop, local store containing home products, alcoholic cider as well as freshly squeezed apple juice and processing plant of the apple.