Restaurant Le Parmesan

38, Rue Saint Louis, Québec, QC, G1R 3Z1
(418) 692-0341
Web https://restaurantparmesan.com

The owners, Luigi and Cesare, invite you to enjoy a memorable culinary experience that will make you discover the authentic Italian cuisine and especially the cuisine of Parma. Luigi is not content to bring back products from Italy, he makes several himself: his famous smoked salmon, his Parma ham, his wine vinegar (8 batteries of balsamic vinegar "tradizionale" from 12 to 25 years) , its Parmesan cheese tortelloni, a unique Parma recipe, its pesto, gnocchi, manicotti, vegetables and herbs from its garden. A wine list with more than 300 varieties of bottles, selected and imported from Italy and France and carefully preserved in the restaurant's wine cellar.