Restaurant La Piazzetta Outremont

1105, Avenue Bernard, Montréal, H2V 1V1
+1 514-278-6465
Web https://lapiazzetta.ca/
LA PIAZZETTA Enjoy authentic flavors in a bistro setting when you dine at La Piazzetta. Established in 1989, La Piazzetta brought European style thin crust pizza to the people of Quebec. It was love at first bite. With their passion for fine food and drink, La Piazzetta’s creators kept searching for new flavors, drawing on local and exotic cuisines to expand and refine the dish. Having crafted a menu of gourmet pizzas, they added pastas, italian rolls, salads and decadent desserts, all without the use of chemical additives or preservatives and prepared with artisanal care. lapiazzetta.ca